Step 1: Select Visa Details
Step: Nigeria Tourist Entry Visa Requirements
  1. Collect all documentation listed below, including the Application form and the Letter of authorization.
  2. Once you have collected all the information, proceed to fill out and submit the Order form.
  3. Ship all the documentation including the filled out Application form and Letter of authorization, to:

Visa Services Canada, Inc.
275 Slater Street, Suite 900
Ottawa ON K1P 5H9

For safer and faster service, ship by Puro or FedEx, or by Canada Post trackable courier.

One copy of passport data page

Scanned copy of the passport data page.

Original signed passport

Applicant must submit their current real original valid passport. Visas are stamped into a passport, therefore the original passport is required. Passports must be valid for at least six more months after returning from the visa country. Passports must have original signatures.

One Photograph Canadian Passport size (50mm by 70mm)

Letter from host

Letter of invitation from host in the visa country, with all passport details and personal details of both you and the host.

Letter of support from employer

A letter of support from the employer is required.

Hotel booking or accommodation letter

Applicant must submit a hotel booking confirmation or accommodation letter.

Air ticket from Canada to country and return

copy of hotel manager passport

Yellow Fever certificate

One (1) signed visa application form

The Application form must be printed single-sided and signed in black ink only.

Letter of authorization

Applicant must submit an original "Letter of Authorization". This document authorizes us to work with the Embassy/consulate on the applicants behalf. Please complete and sign both identical sections. May be completed by typing into PDF fields, printing and signing, or printed and completed by hand.

Special Instructions



 - signed letter from the applicant requesting the visa, explaining their tourist journey. It must
say that they will not hold responsible for any problems the Nigerian High Commission.

 - evidence of sufficient funds to cover the cost of the trip --- copy of bank receipts for
purchase of US$ covering at least US$100 per day in Nigeria (a 7-day visit means US$700.).

 - Applicants who are church or mission or religious visitors of any kind require
Immigration Approval from the NIS (Nigerian Immigration Services) in Abuja. Applicants
engaged in religious or evangelical activities of any kind require Temporary Work Permit
(TWP) approval from the Nigerian government. Do not apply for a tourist visa.

Step: Complete and submit the Order form

Complete Online Order

Applicant must complete a Visa Services Canada order form which provides contact information, service request and payment information. Upon completion of the order form, shipping or delivery instructions will be provided.

Proceed to the Order form