You must apply directly to the embassy or high commission for this visa. No third party can assist.


All Canadians must have a Russian visa glued into their passport by the Russian authorities in Canada prior to travel.

Canadian tourists are required to have a VOUCHER/TOURIST INVITATION from a Russian hotel or a Russian travel company prior to applying for the visa. If you can it is best to get a voucher from your hotel; but if you are staying in more than one hotel, then get the voucher from GoToRussia.  We suggest acquiring the voucher from our partner at  Click the "visa support only" button. The official voucher you buy from GoToRussia will be from "OOO ATLANTA". The address will be "115035, Moscow, Pyatnitskaya Street, bldg. 3/4"; phone +7-495-225-5012; and the registration number is "017328"..

Canadians on Russian riverboat cruises must get a voucher from their cruise line, such as a voucher from Mir if you are on Viking River Cruises. Do not mention Viking on your application as it is not a Russian company. Only mention Mir Travel Company, and list place of stay as "On board riverboat, Port of (Moscow or St Petersburg)". Here is a helpful manual for people on a Viking river boat.

Canadian business visa seekers must secure a TELEX or an eLOI authorizing a business visa prior to applying for the business visa. The same applies to work visa seekers. Please ask your Russian business partner or Russian employer to get the telex or the eLOI for you.

* Click here for the Russian business and work visa helpful manual.

* Click here for the Russian tourist and visit visa helpful manual.  


Click here for the official Russian Government ON-LINE VISA APPLICATION web form. Select CANADA and English, then click the red text box to certify you understand the rules, then click on "Complete new application form" to proceed. Make up a simple password such as "russia2021", then get your own unique Russian application number. Write it all down so you can use it later.


For residents of Ottawa & NCR (613 & 819), BC, NS, NB, PEI, NFLD, NU, YT, NWT. -- APPLY and SHIP HERE:


For visa seekers who are residents of AB, SK, MB, ON (except 613)  -- APPLY and SHIP HERE:


For visa seekers who are residents of the province of Quebec (except 819 and the National Capital Region)  -- APPLY and SHIP HERE: