New Zealand

Visa requirements for Canadians

You should apply directly through the foreign government's eVisa website for an eVisa.

Visa requirements for Foreigners

You must apply directly to the high commission for this visa. No third party can assist.


MANDATORY NOW - Canadian citizens using Canadian passports need an electronic ETA as tourists or on business. This does not apply to persons holding Canadian "Travel Documents" (1951 convention refugees); or to persons with foreign (non-Canadian) passports and Canadian Permanent Resident cards. This does not apply to Canadians who are using non-Canadian passports, or to Canadians going for work or study or any other non-tourist/business reason.

Click the button below to proceed to the New Zealand ETA eVisa system:

New Zealand ETA eVisa System


  • New Zealand High Commission
  • Consular Section
  • 99 Bank Street
  • Suite 727
  • Ottawa ON   K1P 6G3
  • Tel: (613) 238-5991 (x221 24h) 
  • Fax: (613) 238-5707
  • Email: [email protected]
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