East Timor

Visa requirements for Canadians

Canadian citizens using Canadian passports can purchase a visa upon arrival (VOA) in the country at the first airport or land border crossing point. There is no application process.

Visa requirements for Foreigners

As the embassy or high commission of this country accredited to Canada is physically located inside the USA, you must apply for this visa at the embassy or high commission or consulate located in the USA. These are usually in Washington DC (embassies and high commissions), or in New York City (consulates)


Canadian passport holders can acquire a visa-on-arrival (VOA) in East Timor upon payment of US$30 and presentation of the visa form. Prices are subject to change at the border.


  • Timor Leste Embassy to Canada
  • Consular Section 
  • 4201 Connecticut Avenue, NW
  • Suite 504 
  • Washington DC 20008  USA
  • Phone : (+1-202) 966-3202 
  • Fax : (+1-202) 966-3205 
  • Email : [email protected] 
  • VISAS: http://migracao.gov.tl