Visa requirements for Canadians

You should apply directly through the foreign government's eVisa website for an eVisa.

Visa requirements for Foreigners

As the embassy or high commission of this country accredited to Canada is physically located inside the USA, you must apply for this visa at the embassy or high commission or consulate located in the USA. These are usually in Washington DC (embassies and high commissions), or in New York City (consulates)



Canadian citizens using a Canadian passport require a visa to visit Bahrain for the purposes of business or tourism. This visa is issued to Canadians one of three ways: at the airport in Bahrain on arrival; electronically as an e-visa; or on paper by the Bahrain Embassy, and is valid for a stay of two weeks.

For Canadians this business and tourist visa is issued at the border (airport) when you arrive in Bahrain. Canadians must pay for the visa-on-arrival directly to the immigration officer at the port of entry. Price is determined in Bahrain (not in Canada).

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Bahrain eVisa System


  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Consular Section
  • 3502 International Drive NW
  • Washington, DC, 20008   USA
  • Tel: (202)342-0741,-0742,-0743,-0744 
  • Fax: (202)362-2192