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Travel Agent and Travel Agency Commissions

As part of our corporate programme, we invite travel agencies and individual travel agents to partner with Visa Services Canada in providing more and better services.

VSC will pay to each travel agent or travel agency a commission of five per cent (5%) on each visa service sold, contingent upon the travel agent or travel agency supplying at least five (5) full-priced and fully-processed individual visa applications in any given month.

Travel agents or travel agencies must place their company stamp on the VSC application cover form used to identify and charge the visa applicant. The official stamp should include the travel agent/agency postal address. If the stamp does not include the address, please attach a business card to the cover form along with the official stamp.

Commissions are computed on the basis of the value-added after the consular fees are paid to the individual embassy or high commission, and do not include courier or consular or tax or bank fees.

Commissions are paid annually, and a cheque will be posted to the travel agent or travel agency for a sum in Canadian dollars based on the value of visa business sent to VSC by the specific agent or agency.

Travel agents or travel agencies do not have to apply for the commission. It will automatically be sent to the stated address provided a valid company name and address has been provided.

VSC recommends your provide all of your appropriate clients with VSC forms pre-stamped by your agency.