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Legal Notices

Visa Services Canada Inc. is a private company dedicated to helping you get your visa. We are not the government and we do not issue visas. We assist you in the processing of your visa application.



Vise Services Canada (VSC) is committed to the protection of your personal privacy. We believe your personal information is not to be shared with other persons, companies, or unauthorized governments.

As a Canadian corporation, we endeavour to protect your personal information from unauthorized release, and from misuse.

VSC does not sell your personal information to other companies or persons, and does not share that information with other companies or persons without your specific authorization.

VSC does not keep your credit card information on file after it is used for your single order of services. Each time you use VSC, your credit card data must be provided. The credit card receipt copy is kept for one year in accordance with banking requirements in Canada.

VSC does not collect your (the visa applicant) email address for the purpose of business solicitation. Your email address is used solely to contact you should there be a question about your visa application. Your email address will not be sold or given to any other person or company. Travel industry and travel agent email addresses will be collected and used for business communication.

VSC does not maintain a database of your personal information.

VSC does not collect or hold information about your computer. There is no feedback to VSC from your computer.

VSC does not sell or give client or client computer data to any third party.

All VSC managers have federal security clearances, and staff have police clearance certificates.

By completing or filling-in a visa application form for a specific country, you are authorizing VSC to share that data with the consular officials of that country. This data will not be shared with consular officials of any other country without your further authorization.

VSC data is not subject to the United States' Patriot Act which has been used to acquire personal data from certain companies. With VSC, your data is secure from US search.

VSC does not share your personal information with the Canadian government.

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By using the services of Visa Services Canada Inc., also known as VSC, (hereafter known as "the company") you are accepting in whole the following terms and conditions and limitations:

Visa Services Canada is a federally-registered Canadian company with headquarters in the city of Ottawa in the province of Ontario. Any legal action against the company must be filed and undertaken in the city of Ottawa. However, before any legal action is taken, VSC encourages any person to come to the company to discuss an amicable settlement satisfactory to both parties.

The company cannot and does not guarantee a visa will be issued by an Embassy or High Commission or Consulate or Diplomatic Mission. The issuance of visas is the sole prerogative of the consular service of the foreign country to which you have applied. Canadian laws, both federal and provincial, do not apply to foreign diplomatic offices in Canada or any province.

The decision of an Embassy or High Commission or Consulate or Diplomatic Mission is final and cannot be appealed or changed by the company.

The company is not responsible or legally liable for any decision made by an Embassy or High Commission or Consulate or Diplomatic Mission. Persons wishing to take legal action in these cases must take action against the foreign government in question.

The company acts as a private party in assisting Canadians, and is therefore not responsible for information and regulations of foreign governments. Foreign regulations change without notice. VSC provides Canadians with information on the website which is the best known to be true from foreign government, but cannot be taken as the final word. Clients are always encouraged to check with the foreign government or embassy or their airlines for final decisions.

The company is not responsible for the safety or security a passport once the passport has entered the diplomatic grounds (Embassy or High Commission or Consulate or Diplomatic Mission or Diplomatic territory) of a foreign country. The company is not responsible for the safety or security of a passport once the passport has been given to a courier company for delivery.

In the unlikely event a passport is lost or stolen while in the custody of the company, the company is limited in its total financial responsibility to the replacement cost of the Canadian passport, the standard Canadian passport photographs, and the cost of a standard courier envelop from your regular home or regular office in Canada to the passport office in Canada. In the case of foreign passports belonging to legal Canadian residents, costs are limited to those applicable to Canadian passports, passport photographs and couriers within Canada only.

By using the services of the company you are authorizing the company to handle your personal information and your passport, and to hand over such information to an Embassy or High Commission or Consulate or Diplomatic Mission or qualified third party for the purpose of acquiring a visa.

By using the services of the company you are authorizing the company to make charges to your credit card solely for the payment of consular charges, handling and processing fees charged by the company, and shipping costs if applicable, plus mandatory taxes and bank fees. You further authorize the company to make cancellation charges in the event you cancel your case once processing has begun.

In case of a potential or actual legal dispute, the client commits to mandatory private arbitration in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Any and all mandatory private arbitration will be paid for by the client. The arbitrator must be deemed acceptable to the company.

The company operates in the jurisdiction of the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Any and all legal disputes or suits regarding the company must be filed in the courts in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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