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Papua New Guinea

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Papua New Guinea?

Canadian citizens using Canadian passports require a visa to enter Papua New Guinea. Canadians get this visa upon arrival in PNG.

Visa-on-Arrival for Canadians

Nationals of the following countries may be issued with a Tourism Visa valid for sixty (60) days upon arrival at Jacksons Airport, Port Moresby:
CANADA Andorra Argentina Austria Belgium Brazil Brunei Bulgaria CANADA Chile Croatia Cyprus Czech Denmark Ecuador Estonia Finland France Germany Greece HongKong Hungary Iceland Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan South Korea Latvia Lichtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macao Malaysia Maldives Malta Mexico Micronesia Monaco Mauru Netherlands NewZealand Norway Palau Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Samoa Singapore Slovakia Slovenia SolomonIslands Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tonga Tuvalu UK USA Uruguay Vanuatu.

If you are not arriving at Jacksons Airport, you will need a visa issued prior to arrival in PNG.

All other nationals will need a visa for any travel.

Visas for Non-Canadians

All PNG visa applications have to be lodged by the applicant directly to the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority (PNG ICSA) Office in Port Moresby, PNG. Applicants should apply for and lodge their application directly with PNG ICSA Office (+675 323 1500 extension 1471 or email at: All Papua New Guinea visa applications are dealt with by PNG Immigration for decision and there can be lengthy delays in this process. It can take approx. 8-12 weeks, sometimes longer. Once PNG Immigration approves the visa in PNG they will send an approval to Ottawa and you will be notified. Enquiries regarding authorization should be made by the applicant?s sponsor in Papua New Guinea on telephone No +675 323 1500 ext 1471. After which you will need to send us your passport and any supporting documentation (eg: medical check, police check, flight itinerary) required, in order to stamp the visa. Please see this link for PNG Immigration contact details and further information -

For more information about travel conditions, please visit the Foreign Affairs Web site.