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The Kingdom of Holland

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Holland?

Canadian citizens using Canadian passports do not require a visa to enter Holland for tourism or business stays under ninety (90) days.

Non-Canadians: The only case in which you will not need a visa is if you are only transiting through an airport on your way through Europe and will not go to any other airport in the European Customs Treaty zone. In this case an "Airport Transit Visa" is not required if you have a Canadian Permanent Resident card guaranteeing unlimited return to Canada. If you will be stopping/staying in the European Customs Treaty zone then a visa is required.

Non-Canadians must apply IN PERSON at the Netherlands Embassy or Consulate for the European Customs Treaty Zone visa. Visa seekers are advised that they must seek visas directly and in person from the embassy or consulate as they will be interviewed and fingerprinted and biometrically scanned

Non-Canadians must make an appointment directly with the appropriate embassy or consulate and attend the IN PERSON interview and fingerprinting. You must contact the embassy for the appointment. The embassy will tell you which documents to bring to your appointment.

Call the Embassy at 1-877-388-2443

Call the Embassy at 1-613-237-5031

This country is a signatory of the European Customs Treaty Zone Agreement on border control and visa standardization.


Embassy of Holland
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Tel: (877) 388-2443
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Call the Embassy at 1-877-388-2443

Call the Embassy at 1-613-237-5031

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For more information about travel conditions in Europe, please visit the Foreign Affairs Web site.