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The Arab Republic of Egypt

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Egypt?

Canadian citizens using Canadian passports require a visa to enter Egypt.

Canadian citizens using a Canadian passport should get a visa prior to travel. Airline can refuse boarding to passengers without visas.

Click here for the TOURIST e-VISA for Egypt.

URGENT visa processing in 4 working days $172.30 tax included (estimated).

REGULAR visa processing in 10 working days $120.94 tax included (estimated).

Egypt has launched an E-VISA system. Processing takes 4 working days fast, and 10 working days regular. Canadians will get their visas stamped into their passports upon arrival in Egypt once their e-Visa is approved and emailed to them. This applies to Tourists only at the moment. Business travellers still need a paper visa issued by the embassy. You must apply at least 10 working business days PRIOR to travel (Friday and weekends not included). Everything is done on-line. You do not send in your real passport.

The buttons above will take you to the special VSC forms which will help you get an Egyptian e-VISA with our assistance. You email us the forms and an image of your passport and a digital ID photo - we apply to the Egyptian government on your behalf - and then you receive the e-Visa by email in as little as four days. And you get to keep your passport at home. You cannot apply until you are within 60 days of arrival in Egypt. You must take the original passport along with your forms into Egypt.

The government of Egypt offers e-Visas to nationals of a select group of countries, including Canada, UK, USA and EU members.

Canadians needing a paper visa for business travel visa can still use the old paper forms for the rest of 2018 until they are phased out totally by the government and no longer accepted by the embassy.

CLICK HERE for a BUSINESS visa application for EGYPT

Nationals of the following countries do not need a visa to enter Egypt: Bahrain, Djibouti, Guinea, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen; Palestinians holding an Egyptian residence card.

All other nationals will need a visa. Refugees must apply directly to the Embassy of Egypt in Ottawa.

Overwhelmed? We can help with personalized private Visa Concierge service tailored to your needs. We do the computer work for you!


Nationals of the following countries cannot leave the airport boarding lounge if in transit: Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Philippines, Palestinian document holders. Nationals of the all other countries cannot leave the airport if in transit.

Visa processing by the embassy will take longer (up to three months) for the following nationals: Algeria, Bangladesh, China PRC, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia.

For more information about travel conditions in North Africa and the Middle East, please visit the Foreign Affairs Web site.