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The Kingdom of Bhutan

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Bhutan?

Canadian citizens using Canadian passports need a visa to enter Bhutan.

Nationals of India do not need a visa. All other nationals will need a visa.

Visa Services Canada cannot assist you in acquiring permission to get a visa for Bhutan. No actual visa is placed in your passport until you reach Bhutan. You will not have to send your passport.

All visa arrangements must be made by a travel company or business in Bhutan.

The Bhutan visa is stamped in your passport upon arrival in Bhutan by air or land crossing. The visa is cleared in advance and a visa clearance number is issued for each traveller. For travellers entering on Druk Air, the visa clearance number if forwarded to that airline. Without the visa clearance number, passengers will be denied boarding.

For all travellers entering through Phuntsholing on the border of southern Bhutan, the visa is added to your passport by local authorities. The visa clearance number must have been previously forwarded to immigration officials at Phuntsholing for reference.

Four (4) passport style photographs are required on arrival, as is a copy of the visa application form and your original passport. The visa is valid for fourteen (14) days, and can be extended once inside Bhutan.

For more information about travel conditions in Asia, please visit the Foreign Affairs Web site.