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Do I Need a Visa to Visit Bangladesh?

Canadian citizens using a Canadian passport need a visa to visit Bangladesh. The High Commission of Bangladesh states on their website that Bangladesh offers Visa-On-Arrival.

If you have questions about the VOA scheme please call 613-236-0138 or 613-236-0139

Visa on Arrival (VOA) as detailed by the Bangladesh High Commission in Ottawa:

This facility is available for foreign nationals of specific countries including those of Bangladeshi origin and the nationals of countries where there is no Diplomatic Mission of Bangladesh.

The Visa on Arrival is delivered after examining the genuineness of the purpose of visit, such as: Official duty, Business/trade, Investment and potential investors and Tourism.

The issuance of visa on arrival is entirely dependent on the satisfaction of the immigration officers at the port of entry (i.e. airports, land ports etc.) after examining all relevant documents.

Bangladeshi origin foreign citizens, their spouses and their offspring may also be issued visa on arrival, on the proof of their being Bangladeshi origin.

Officers and Staff of foreign Diplomatic Missions, United Nations or its affiliates organizations located in Bangladesh may be issued visa on arrival upon presenting their official letters of appointment or other related documents. Only U.N. passport holders will get a visa on arrival free of charge.

Procedure and fees for VOA:

1) Visa fees are to be paid in foreign currencies, such as US dollars, Euro, etc.

2) Visitors must possess a minimum of US$500 or its equivalent amount of foreign currency in Cash or Credit card.

3) Visitors must have return tickets. As some airlines may not allow passengers to get on board without visa, visitors are hereby advised to check with their specific airlines to confirm.

4) Visitors must have the necessary documents to justify his/her visit. These documents are similar to those needed for a visa application at the High Commission.

5) The fee for VOA will be applicable on the basis of reciprocity only.

Duration: Visa on arrival for eligible travellers will be given for a period of maximum 30 days.

If you have questions about the VOA scheme please call 613-236-0138 or 613-236-0139

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